SuperHi Plus is a brand new model of co-ownership, with funding, support and creator-led tools, to help creators kickstart their content and get paid. Throughout the last month we’ve been running our first cohort, with 10+ creators working on defining and researching 10+ new learning experiences for the SuperHi platform, with guidance and workshops led by SuperHi’s Senior Learning Experience Designers.

In our first content launch event, the SuperHi Community had the chance to meet the creators participating in SuperHi Plus in real time, ask questions and show support. The SuperHi team shared an overview of the 12-week program, giving Creators a chance to introduce themselves, talk about their learning experience and their new content.

Missed the event? You can watch a recording of it here.

Test Content

This month, we set our creators a challenge to make their first piece of content. Creator’s are using this content to collect feedback on their learning experience idea. This is where we need your help - and more specifically, your feedback! We want to make sure our new content aligns with your needs, and the needs of our community.

Creators will use the feedback you provide to refine areas like their production process, concept or teaching style, while they record the rest of their content, over the next two months.

The test-content varies between 5-35 minutes in length and covers topics from design, development and beyond. Some creators have chosen to do an intro to their course, whereas others have created a mini-tutorial. The content is in the same format the creator will use for their learning experience.

How to participate in feedback

Each creator has defined the areas they would like feedback on and created a survey linked below their content. To participate in feedback:


Intro to Content Creation

Topics: Filmmaking, Content Creation

By Shaneika Johnson-Simms (she/her)

Give Shaneika feedback!


Designing Responsible Technology: Consequence Scanning

Topics: Responsible Design, Design, Development

By John Ridpath (he/him)

Give John feedback!


Stitching Data Together with Webhooks

Topics: Shopify, React.js, Headless E-commerce

By Kevin Green (he/him)

Give Kevin feedback!



Decentralized Publishing Introduction

Topics: Design, Development

By Em Woudenberg (they/them)

Give Em feedback!


Creating a Digital Puppet in Cinema4D

Topics: 3D

By Haik Avanian (he/him)

Give Haik feedback!


When Good Could Be Better, 3 Steps to Persuasive Presentations

Topics: Presentation Design

By Zach Grosser (he/him)

Give Zach feedback!